Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition

Students who earn a score of 98 or higher in performance and scores of 94 or higher on the other three parts at District Rally are eligible to enter the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition for Outstanding Students.  Students must be entered in District Level as “competitive students” (according to their grade in school).  All students achieving the required scores are eligible, regardless of the District Rally attended.  Teachers may enter any number of students in the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition as long as they meet the above qualifications.  Preparatory A students do not compete in the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition. First place winners at Torgrimson/Swanzy may enter the District Rally at the same level the following year and will be allowed to be competitive without restriction.

June 3, 2023

Louisiana State University,

Baton Rouge, LA

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