Chamber Music Competition

Lower Division: Piano Duo/Duet/Trio/Quartet (Piano Only)

Upper Division: Piano Duo/Duet/Trio/Quartet (Piano Only)

First Prize Winner:

Jason Lin and Sarah Li


Second Prize Winner:

Helen Wang and Louisa Zhu (Lien)

February 17th, 2024 – O’Neill’s Music House in Baton Rouge

Chair: Megan Reilly Shannon

The Chamber Music Competition is for pre-college students from grades 6-12.

There will be two categories for the Chamber Music Competition (CMC), piano duo/duet/trio/quartet and mixed chamber groups.

Each category will encompass two age divisions: Lower division (grades 6-8) and Upper division (grades 9-12). 

Ensembles will choose the division based on the average grade of the ensemble, and with the approval of the CMC Chair. 

Music ensembles shall be no less than two performers, and no more than eight, with one person per part. 

No conductors will be allowed. 

The Chamber Music Competition will be open to the public.


First Prize in each category:  $200
Second Prize in each category:  $150
Third Prize in each category:  $100

Chamber music – a conversation between friends.

Catherine Drinker Bowen

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