Outstanding Teacher Award

David Easley

2022 Recipient

Since joining BRMTA in 2004, David Easley has been an active member, serving both the organization and his students through music. David is a state certified member of LMTA and has held offices in BRMTA or LMTA continually for more than fifteen years. After pursuing music and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University, David worked in the human resources department of local bank, but his passion for music remained and he used his talent to serve others through his church. During this time he worked as a professional pianist, playing for weddings and other events. He could often be found playing at the LSU Faculty Club in the evenings. As an ordained Baptist minister, he decided to leave the bank and serve as an associate pastor at a local church. After a brief time he opened a piano studio in Walker and joined BRMTA. He also joined Live Oak United Methodist Church in Denham Springs as an associate music minister.
The hallmark of David’s teaching is his spontaneity and creativity. He meets students where they are musically, spurs their interest in the piano and works with them so they experience success at the piano. At every lesson he displays a positive attitude, a sense of playfulness and a willingness to change course if a student is struggling. David is the rare teacher who makes lessons engaging and truly fun for every student while helping them progress through a curriculum of study. His students participate and place in local and state competitions. David has served BRMTA as President, Vice President, Tournament Chair, and Summer Music Scholarship Chair. He is currently LMTA President-elect and has also served LMTA as Vice President for Publicity and Piano Chair. A key member of the committee who developed LMTA Keyboard Olympics Syllabus, David used his creative skills to compose many of the lead sheets found in the curriculum. David has presented many workshops on improvisation and functional piano for state and local teachers and has presented several sessions at MTNA national conferences. He is also very active as an adjudicator.

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Guidelines for the outstanding teacher award