Community Outreach

LMTA is committed to community outreach at both the state and national level. Through the recently re-established Save Our Students Fund (previously SHS Fund), we provide disaster relief to students and teachers with funds raised through state and local Playathons. Both LMTA and individual members contribute to the MTNA Foundation which provides awards and grants for teachers, students, composers, and state and local affiliates for significant contributions and projects.  Funds are raised through the Silent Auction and the Recycled Music Sale at State Conventions and through individual contributions.

The LMTA Save Our Students Fund was established in 2005 in response to the devastating effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Louisiana teachers and students.  After a brief period as the Students Helping Students Fund, the fund has once again returned to its original designation as a disaster relief fund due to the constant threat of natural disasters to Louisiana and throughout the country.

[paypal-donation] Hurricane Ida has devastated Southeast Louisiana. Please consider donating to the SOS Fund to help our members and students in the impacted areas.

If your studio/income have been impacted by hurricanes, LMTA wants to help! Use the SOS FUNDS REQUEST FORM button to apply for aid.

Chair: Angie Bergeron |

The LMTA Playathon encourages students to share their skills and talents to help less fortunate students. It also provides students an opportunity to perform in a non-adjudicated and non-competitive event. Proceeds from the Playathon will be added to LMTA’s Save Our Students Fund which aids students and teachers in crisis situations who are in need of monetary assistance to continue musical pursuits.

Chair: Hannah Mayo |

The MTNA Foundation supports programs that nurture the creation, performance, study and teaching of music.  Please click the link to read more about the Foundation and to find out how you can contribute.  Read about Louisiana’s MTNA Foundation Fellows.

MTNA Foundation contributions can be made here. You may elect to contribute online with a credit card, or print a form and mail a check. Please be sure to use the form and write Dorothy’s name so that your donation is properly credited. Do NOT send contributions with your online dues payment. This cannot be credited to a fellow and will go into the general fund.

Each local affiliate is asked to donate an article with a minimum value of $25.00 to the Silent Auction, held each year at the State Convention Banquet. Individuals may also donate items. Several items have been donated by individuals including collections of “like-new” copies of important biographies and pedagogy books, baskets of “re-gifted” items, and collections of tapes and CD’s. We help the cause for a more musical tomorrow for all of us through the Silent AuctionThe proceeds are donated to the MTNA Foundation.

Chair: Gulya Chandler |

Gather all your unloved music throughout the year. We also recycle flashcards, CD’s, studio decorations, etc., so save these as well. Bring or send your goodies to the state conference. We help the cause for a more musical tomorrow for all of us through our purchases at the Recycled Music Sale. 

Checks for the Recycled Music Sale are made to LMTA, then donations are totaled and sent to the MTNA Foundation, as part of our Foundation Fellow contribution.

MusicLink is a network of coordinators, teachers and business partners who provide the opportunity for any child who has musical potential to nurture this talent to its full extent.  Children who lack the chance to receive specialized music instruction due to financial need are linked with professional music teachers. MusicLink students can receive additional benefits such as discounts on music and materials, Summer Music Camp Scholarships, or assistance with practice instruments. 

To register as a MusicLink teacher, go to  At the top of the Home Page, click on “How to Participate” and complete the Teacher Volunteer Form.

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