LMTA Conference Opportunity

This year’s LMTA’s State Conference exhibit room will feature a table selling music themed crafts with LMTA logos or sentiments.  Members may apply to sell their musical crafts at the table by submitting a request. Acceptance is “first come, first-served” and dependent on the type of article.  Exhibitors  are responsible for all production expenses, pricing, and reporting sales tax if applicable.  Exhibitors are not required to “man” the table.  LMTA’s fee for exhibiting will be 10% of the exhibitor’s total sales (excluding tax), not to exceed $10.00. 

To feature LMTA on your craft, you may incorporate the logo into the design or include a statement such as “Partial proceeds donated to LMTA”, “I Support LMTA”, “I ♥️ LMTA” etc. in small font somewhere on the craft.  If you would like to exhibit and sell non-LMTA items, you may purchase an exhibit table for $85.00.   For questions or requests, please contact Sue Steck-Turner at steckturner@hotmail.com.

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