IMTF Afternoon Tea Zoom link and “Swap and Share” are available!!

It is so exciting to announce that the Independent Music Teachers Association (IMTF) is back! Due to COVID, there are no conferences or in-person meetings. However, we have many exciting online gatherings planned for the year! 

Do you feel lost? Do you feel isolated? Do you worry about your studio business? How are you going to encourage your students and parents to continually take lessons in this critical season? The music stores keep shutting down and it’s difficult to find music books or literature at the stores. Where are we going to find the answers and solutions? LMTA has the platform for you. 

On Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 3pm, we are going to have our first gathering on Zoom. Even though we still can’t get together in-person, there is a benefit to using Zoom to meet up. No matter where you are, we still can connect with each other. 

Every teacher has their favorite pieces, especially a piece that makes students rediscover their love for playing the piano again or change their perspective about music. Do you want to expand your list of pieces? Do you want to get your teaching passion back? Please mark your calendar and come join us. (See the Zoom link at the bottom of this letter.) 

If you are planning to share at the meeting, please add your name and information about the piece to the Google Spreadsheet that can be found HERE. If you have issues with the Google Spreadsheet, email me your name and the piece or method that you want to share and I can help you add it. My email address is 

Please add the information by Wednesday, February 23rd so I can arrange the speaking order before we meet. Otherwise, you can just pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, have your favorite dessert ready, and join the discussion on February 26th. 

Looking forward to seeing you! 

Christine Lien, NCTM 


Independent Music Teachers Forum 

Zom Meeting ID: 869 1069 6305 

Passcode: 740576

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