Keyboard Olympics


The LMTA Keyboard Olympics was officially launched at the October 2019 state conference in Baton Rouge. The committee was pleased to see such a good turnout for the session! We received many positive comments and are excited to hear that teachers around the state are trying the new curriculum.

Morgan poses with her Keyboard Olympics medal.

NEW! A handout that includes a suggested teaching order along with teaching tips has been prepared for Level 2. Click here to view.

The Keyboard Olympics curriculum focuses on developing a broad range of skills. There are seven levels, Prep – 6, each consisting of three parts.

Prepared Events consist of Keyboard Musicianship, Prepared Lead Sheets and Rep- ertoire. Memorization is not required and students may choose any genre of music, including pop, jazz or praise and worship.

Spontaneous Events consist of Ear Training, Harmonization and Transposition.

Creative Events include Improvisation and either Question/Answer (Prep – Level 2) or Composition (Levels 3-6).

All materials are accessed online at LMTA Keyboard Olympics. Teachers can download the syl- labus, access lead sheets and view sample test materials for each skill.

Flexibility and student choice are key elements in the Olympics curriculum. Students work at their own pace. There is no time limit to complete a level. There are multiple testing dates throughout the year (see list below) and testing takes place “live” online. Students may choose the components they want to test and the testing date.

Contact Pamela Pike for more information.


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