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Students who earn a score of 98 or higher in performance and scores of 94 or higher on the other three parts at District Rally are eligible to enter the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition for Outstanding Students.  Students must be entered in District Level as “competitive students” (according to their grade in school).  All students achieving the required scores are eligible, regardless of the District Rally attended.  Teachers may enter any number of students in the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition as long as they meet the above qualifications.  Preparatory A students do not compete in the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition. First place winners at Torgrimson/Swanzy may enter the District Rally at the same level the following year and will be allowed to be competitive without restriction.

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The Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition for Outstanding Students
June 1, 2019
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Directions & Parking
LSU Visitor Center, Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

From Interstate 110

  • Dalrymple Drive Exit west on Dalrymple Drive
  • Visitor Center located on the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive
From Interstate 10
  • Merge to 1-10 East
  • Dalrymple Drive Exit south on Dalrymple Drive
  • Visitor Center located on the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive
From Highland Road
  • Turn west onto Dalrymple Drive
  • Visitor Center located on the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive
From Nicholson Drive (LA Highway 30)
  • Turn east onto Burbank Drive
  • Turn northeast onto West Parker Blvd
  • Turn northwest onto Highland Road
  • Visitor Center located on the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive

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To all students who have qualified to participate in the Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition for Outstanding Students:

Congratulations! You have qualified to play at the Louisiana Music Teachers Association's state competition. This is a competition for students who made a 98 or above in Performance and a 94 or above in the other three parts at District Rally. Below is some information that will be helpful as you make plans to attend.

You will perform in a group of about 10-12 participants from around the state who also qualified. You will perform in a recital hall, band room, or choral classroom. All other participants in your group and parents will be in the room listening as each one plays. This is not a private adjudication!

A judge will hear all of the participants and determine a First Place, Second Place and Third Place winner from your group. The judge may also give an Honorable Mention award, if he/she feels appropriate.

The competition will begin around 8:30 or 9:00am and end around 2:00 or 3:00pm. The schedule will be announce late in May. Your teacher will give you the information as soon as it is available. Depending on how early your group plays, you may wish to spend the night on Friday.

Hotel Accommodations:



There is an entry fee of $35 per student. Each teacher must send a check to the district treasurer for the total number of entries, so please give your check to your teacher by the requested date. The check should be payable to your teacher.

At the end of each group's performance time, the judge will make his/her decisions and send the information to the State Rally Chair and office staff. After the decisions are recorded, we will announce the winners and honorable mentions and award the trophies and ribbons. Students and parent should remain on the premises until the winners have been announced.

Papers and awards will be released only to the teacher of the participating student.

Sunday dress will be appropriate for this event. If you have any other questions, please contact your teacher.

Again, congratulations for your outstanding performance, and good luck!


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