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Outstanding Teacher Award    Guidelines

Outstanding Teacher Award Past Winners

 1991  Gladys Bennet, NCTM
 1992  Kathleen Allums, NCTM   
 1993  Helen Curtis Gaw, NCTM  

 1994  Sue Holder, NCTM   
 1995  Marjorie Stricklin, NCTM   
 1997  Wanelle Adams Lowe, NCTM  
 1999  Sue Steck-Turner, NCTM
 2000  Madelyn Trible, NCTM
 2001  Constance Knox Carroll, NCTM 
 2003  Ernestine Durrett, NCTM
 2004  Shearon Horton, NCTM
 2005  Marietta Lanoux, NCTM 
 2007  Regina Walker, NCTM

 2008  Hilda Beth Dupaquier, NCTM and John Dupaquier

 2009  Dorothy Sahlmann, NCTM and Fred Sahlmann, NCTM

 2010  Katherine Tobey, NCTM

 2011  Elaine Poche, NCTM

 2012  Donna Toney, NCTM

 2013  Susanna Garcia, NCTM

 2014  Tamah Goad, NCTM

 2015  Chan Kiat Lim, NCTM

 2016  Pamela Pike, NCTM

 2018 Patti Misita, NCTM


Distinguished Service Award Past Winners

 2011  Shirley Jennings

 2013  Janet Colbert

 2015  Judy McGehee, NCTM

 2017  Carla Breaux, NCTM




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