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Outstanding Teacher Award    Past Winners 


1.  Any LMTA member or affiliate may make one nomination for the OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD. The nomination may be for an individual or a couple. The nominee(s) may teach any instrument.

2.  Each nominee must be a member in good standing of LMTA, must have resided in the state of Louisiana for the past five years, and must be currently teaching or recently retired. The nominee(s) need not be member(s) of an affiliate organization of LMTA.

3.  The nominee(s) need not hold a university degree or be certified by LMTA. (However, see item 4C below.)

4.  The nominating person or group must supply a maximum of four letters of recommendation. One must be from a student of the nominee(s) and one must be from a colleague. If more than four letters are submitted, only the first four received will be considered. Submissions may be made either by USPS or e-mail.

Suggested areas for comment in the recommendations include:
    a.  Achievement of the students of the nominee(s) as shown by Rally, entrance in competitions, performance in studio and/or public recitals, Guild Auditions, LFMC events, etc.
    b.  Service to LMTA, the local affiliate, and the musical community.
    c.  Continuing education, such as working toward a degree or toward certification, attending or presenting workshops, etc.
    d.  Evidence of innovative teaching techniques.

Writers of recommendations should be encouraged to be most thorough in their comments.

5.  The person(s) nominated shall not be told of the nomination. If selected, the recipient(s) may be told of the award to ensure attendance at the October LMTA Convention banquet where the award will be announced.

6.  The selection committee will consist of three former Outstanding Teacher Award recipients.


Send nominations to:

Melissa Pousson
906 Tranquility Drive
Pearl River, LA 70452
(901) 485-0250


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