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High School Credit for Advanced Piano Study with an Independent Teacher

Advanced piano students may earn high school credit for their private lessons through study with a qualified LMTA (Louisiana Music Teachers Association) instructor.  This program, overseen by the Louisiana Department of Education, holds teachers and students to rigorous standards. 

Instruction takes place outside of school hours, usually with a certified teacher.  LMTA certification holds teachers to the highest standards of proficiency in piano pedagogy and performance.  LMTA requires ongoing evaluation of teachers’ effectiveness through the LMTA Rally (testing of students in performance, theory, ear-training and sight-playing).

Instruction must be in strict accordance with regulations of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as the local school board.  One credit in piano requires 60 minutes of instruction and 300 minutes of practice per week for a minimum of 32 weeks.  No more than one credit in independent piano instruction may be earned in any one school year, and no more than two credits may be applied toward graduation. 




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