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Dues for student chapter membership are $14.00.

College Chapters Chairperson
Advisor: Francis Yang
Email: yangf@nsula.edu

Louisiana Tech
Advisor: Dr. Steele Moegle
Email: mmoegle@latech.edu
Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Pamela Pike
Email: pdpike@lsu.edu
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Advisor: Dr. Chan Liat Kim

Southeastern Louisiana University
Advisor: Vacant
University of Louisiana at Monroe
Advisor: Deborah McClung-Guillory
Email: dmcclung@ulm.edu     
Northwestern State University
Advisor: Francis Yang
Southern University
Advisor: Joao Paulo Casarotti
Email: jpcasarotti@yahoo.com.br       
The Virtual Collegiate Chapter Initiative or VCCI is a new MTNA 
program focused on the collegiate member.
For information visit the VCCI pages on the MTNA website.

LMTA State Collegiate Board for 2016-2017 (pictured below):
President: Mary Buller 
Vice President: Claudia Musgrove                                          
Secretary: Valentina Perez Espinosa                                  
Treasurer: Robyn Tan
NSU Board 2016-2017
President:Matthew Aguilera
Vice President: Robyn Tan
Secretary: Valentina Perez Espinosa
Treasurer: Ramon Barralaga
Events Coordinators: Ronald Rodriguea and Natalia Zapata
LSU Board 2016-2017
President: Yining Li
Co-Vice-President: Josh Medrano & Loriana Zavala
Co-Secretary: Weiying Tang & Tony Daigle
Co-Treasurer: Ana Paula Machado Simoes & Jordan LaHaye
SU Board
President: Sandra Naomi Isumi suchapter2013@gmail.com
Vice President: Ryan Alexander 
Treasurer: Cibele Maia Moura cibele.maia.sm@gmail.com  
Secretary: Leticia Motta Rodrigues le.motta88@gmail.com

The Collegiate Chapter at the 2016 LMTA Convention. 



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