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OCTOBER 22, 2008, 4:00 PM

Attendance:  President Katherine Tobey, President-elect Donna Toney, VP/Membership Judy McGehee, Historian Annette Larsen, Immediate Past-President Sue Steck-Turner, VP/Publicity David Easley, Treasurer Charles Jones, VP/Rallies Jeanne Patterson, and Secretary Robin Ebeyer. 

President Tobey called the meeting to order. 

The reading of the July meeting minutes was dispensed of. Treasurer Charlie Jones reported that LMTA is still in very good financial standing.  Our balance will be over $43,900 after convention expenses are paid.  $4434.50 of the balance belongs to the SHS fund. President-elect Donna Toney briefed us on some convention items that needed discussing. 

2009 Convention will be held at ULL in Lafayette on October 15-17 with clinicians Ingrid Clarfield and William Chapman Nyaho.  The students of ULL will also host a Music Fair for students participating in the Playathon on Saturday. 

Discussion took place about the date and location for the Winter and Summer meetings.  It was agreed that details would be finalized in the coming weeks. 

President Tobey then brought the discussion to a Bylaws Amendment proposal, which would amend Article I, Section 1 to require all LMTA members to belong to a local affiliate.  Much discussion took place and all agreed to NOT amend the Article and leave it as is. 

The Rally Board recommended that the Worker Fee be raised from $50 to $75 for those teachers who enter students in Rally, but choose not to work on Rally day.  Discussion took place.  Judy McGehee made the motion that the Board support the Rally Board’s request to increase the Worker Fee from $50 to $75.  Charlie Jones seconded and all were in favor. 

Disucssion then moved on to revisions to the Policies and Procedures.  The first revision was as to add the following Convention Book Ad Rates:        
      $100 – full page ad for local affiliate or educational institution (no exhibit space or website ad included)       
      $125 – inside back cover
Sue Steck-Turner moved to accept the proposal, Charlie Jones seconded and all were in agreement. 
The second revision pertained to Disbursements.       
      Increase mileage rate from $0.36 to $0.40       
Increase travel award for Division winners from LA who compete in the National competition from $75 to $200

      Increase award to Commissioned Composer from $500 to $750. 
Charlie moved that all revisions be accepted. 
Ross Smith seconded and all were in favor. 
Katherine agreed to make the changes to the on-line Policies and Procedures and Rally Syllabus, where needed.

President Tobey announced that every donation that we make to the Foundation can now be designated for a Louisiana Fellow.  She recommended that Fred Sahlmann be our next Foundation Fellow.  This will be announced at convention and LMTA members will be encouraged to donate to the Foundation, designating that the money go to the Louisiana Fellow.  LMTA will make up the difference if the full $1000 needed to nominate a Foundation Fellow is not collected during the convention.  Charlie Jones moved that we accept this proposal, Donna Toney seconded, and all were in favor. 

Discussion moved on to SHS activities.  SHS/Playathon Chair Sue Steck-Turner reported successful Playathons in the Baton Rouge area.   She recommended that we donate $1000 to the Ike Relief Fund to assist music teachers in the Galveston and Houston areas affected by Hurricane Ike.  Charlie Jones seconded and all were in favor. 

Items of new business were discussed next.  Al Benner will be the Commissioned Composer for 2009.  MTNA’s insurance covers all LMTA and affiliate events, but individual teachers are not covered.   Affiliates may obtain insurance certificates through the MTNA website.  MTNA’s insurance company does have policies available for individuals to purchase. 

The meeting was adjourned to join the Full Board for dinner.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Ebeyer, Secretary  

OCTOBER 22, 2008, 7:30 PM

Attendance:  Secretary Robin Ebeyer, VP/Publicity David Easley, NSMTA President Sandra Larson, College Faculty Chair Joni Jensen, MTNA Foundation Chair and LAMTA President Sarah Roy, VP/Rallies and Elementary Audition Chair Jeanne Patterson, Piano Rally Chair Teresa Thomason, Treasurer Charlie Jones, GSMTA President Martha Bordelon, Webmaster Carla Breaux, Historian Annette Larsen, Lake Charles PTA President Abbie Fletcher, IMTF Chair Patti Misita, President-elect Donna Toney, Convention Co-Chair Ross Smith, Voice Rally Chair Lynette Murphy, Past President Cindy Hockenjos, Immediate Past President Sue Steck-Turner, President Katherine Tobey, VP/Membership Judy McGehee, and CPTA President Tamera Zona. 

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Tobey. 

President-elect Donna Toney gave an overview of the convention.  Ross informed the group about parking. 

Treasurer Charlie Jones gave the Financial Report.  We are in good standing with over $43,900 in the bank after convention expenses.  $4434.50 of this balance belongs to the SHS fund.  Sue informed the group that SHS would be sending $1000 to the Ike Relief Fund to assist teachers in the Galveston and Houston areas affected by Hurricane Ike. 

The Bylaws Amendment proposal was tabled due to the decision by the Executive Committee to not pursue this proposal. 

The Foundation report was given.  All members were asked to put “LA Fellow” in the memo line of checks to designate them for our fellow, Fred Sahlmann.  The money is used to fund grants.  Another way to contribute to is to buy music at the “Used Music Sale” at the convention. 

President Tobey announced that Al Benner, current Commission Chair, would be our commissioned composer for 2009.   

Discussion then moved to our Discussion Board.  Carla Breaux informed the group on how to join.  Instructions were given to all local affiliate presidents to then disburse to their members. 

2009 Convention highlights were covered. 

Membership retention and recruitment was the next topic of discussion.  We currently have 359 members, with the goal of 400 by next year.  New student chapters should help to increase this number.  Some ways to retain teachers who are already members are to offer more collaborative events, to produce a glossy, tri-fold flyer to distribute, and to try alternative meeting times. 

President Tobey then directed the discussion to Leadership Overlap.  It was recommended that current officers and chairs each keep a journal of all responsibilities and at what time of year each is to be done.  This will help the new person coming into the leadership position to be prepared.  Training is very important.  All leaders were asked to consider someone who might replace them when the time comes.  A possible overlap of a few months was also discussed. 

Other announcements:            

The Torgrimson/Swanzy Competition will be held at Louisiana Tech, not LSU.  The LSU recital hall will be closed during June for repairs to damage caused by Hurricane Gustav.           

MTNA’s insurance covers all LMTA and affiliate events, but individual teachers are not covered.   Affiliates may obtain insurance certificates through the MTNA website.  MTNA’s insurance company does have policies available for individuals to purchase. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Ebeyer, Secretary 


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