Louisiana Teachers Association

5:00 P.M., OCTOBER 17, 2007

Attendance:  President Sue Steck-Turner, President-elect Katherine Tobey, VP/Certification Linda Manes, VP/Rallies Judy McGehee, Secretary Donna Toney, Treasurer Cindy Hockenjos, Past-President Charles Jones, Piano Chair and Convention Host David Evenson and NSMTA President Seni Igrec.

The meeting was called to order by President Steck-Turner and the roll taken by signature.  Agendas were e-mailed to the Executive Board before the meeting.  Current convention plans were reviewed:  Christy Vogt’s session has been canceled due to a death in her family.   Foundation donations are encouraged for both MTNA and LMTA to recognize another Louisiana Fellow.   David Evenson discussed parking and concert details.

The financial report was discussed by President Steck-Turner and Treasurer Cindy Hockenjos.  Notable increases in state rally funds and convention registrations were noted.   Travel funds for MTNA student winners should be sufficient because of low participation at the state level.   Judges for the Saturday MTNA competitions will receive mileage paid by MTNA.  Officer travel was discussed and predicted funds needed for 2008.  The last Score costs were exceedingly high and will be discussed further in this report.  Laptop computers were bought for the Treasurer and State Rally Chairman.  Membership dues are down but expected to increase as members renew dues at this convention.  President Steck-Turner is encouraged with the solidity of the LMTA financial status.

The 2008 LMTA Convention will be October 23-24 at Centenary College in Shreveport.  Ross Smith and LaWanda Blakeney will serve as convention liaisons.
Ingrid Clarfield will serve as clinician, if able.  Other clinicians discussed were Melody Bober from FJH Music, Carolyn Setliff, Sue Steck-Turner on the benefits of student composition and the process.

The 2008 LMTA Commissioned Composer will be Dinos Constantinides from LSU.  He will write a one act opera. 

The winter board meeting will be Saturday, March 16, 2008.

President Steck-Turner discussed the Students Helping Students Fund to lend assistance in financial need to continue their music study.  Funding will be provided primarily by playathons held throughout the state and will be governed by a committee consisting of an appointed chairman, a member of the college chapter or local affiliate of the area hosting the state convention, one member-at-large, the LMTA President and LMTA Treasurer.               MSP         
The formal proposal is attached to these minutes.

President-elect Tobey led a discussion of the proposed new website through MTNA “association in a box.”   The AIB provides many advantages and the project was greeted positively.   MSP                       
The formal proposal is attached to these minutes.

President-elect Tobey presented the proposal for revisions to the Score and the proposal to eliminate the position of advertising chair and newsletter ads.  Discussion of extremely high printing and mailing costs, VP/Publicity work hours and difficulty of mailing has led to the proposal that the Winter and Spring Scores be read through the LMTA website and one hard copy of Score would be printed with the State Convention Bulletin.  Any members who prefer a hard copy of the Score mailed to their home must send a written request with a fee to cover printing and mailing to the VP/Publicity by a deadline.  MSP.              
The Score revision proposal is attached to these minutes and Advertising Chair modifications are included in the by-laws.     

7:30 P.M., October 17, 2007

Attendance:  President Sue Steck-Turner, President-elect Katherine Tobey, VP/Certification Linda Manes, VP/Rallies Judy McGehee, Secretary Donna Toney, Treasurer Cindy Hockenjos, Past-President Charles Jones, Piano Chair and USL Host David Evenson, IMTF Chair Patti Misita, Elementary Auditions Chair Jeanne Patterson, Piano Rally Chair Teresa Thomason, Local Presidents:  Seni Igrec, NSMTA; Annette Larsen, LCPTA; Shelley Hays, BRMTA; Cara McCool, NOMTA, Martha Bordelon, GSMTA and Lynette Murphy, MDMTA.

President Steck-Turner called the meeting to order and roll was taken by signature.  The members introduced themselves and Host David Evenson reviewed convention news. 

The financial report was given and plans for LMTA Convention 2008 were discussed. 

Discussion of the Students Helping Students Fund were discussed by President Steck-Turner and approved.   President-elect Tobey led a discussion of the AIB website and member needs.  Particular discussion of copyright privacy issues were debated and finalized.  A motion was made for LMTA members full addresses to be available only to other LMTA members using their member number.  Information to non-members will include member name, zip code, phone and e-mail address only.                   MSA

The motion was made to mail a postcard to all LMTA members explaining the new website and on-line Score publication.  For those members that choose to receive a mailed Score hard copy, member must contact the VP/Publicity in writing by January 1, 2008 and incur printing and handling expenses.                  MSA

A motion to approve the three proposals concerning the website, VP/Publicity and Advertising Chair was made and approved.

President Steck-Turner led a discussion about the lack of willing members to serve as officers and follow through of responsibilities.  It was noted that lack of volunteers is a sign of the times and studies show that college-aged students are doing more volunteer work.  The Board shared ideas to encourage new and veteran members to be active which included:  be open to new members, ask people to volunteer for small responsibilities, break jobs into committee duties rather than one leader, encourage collegiate members, mentoring, etc.  It was noted that LMTA should be seen as more of a service group.

President Steck-Turner noted that LMTA has grown in the string and vocal areas and encouraged local affiliates to encourage members in these areas for rallies and convention programs.  Presidents were also encouraged to inform local members of MTNA insurance for independent teachers.  It was noted that some rallies are having trouble finding a location for their piano rallies.
NOMTA President Cara McCool gave a report on their status.  The situation is better and there is a need for uptown teachers; most teachers live in the Metairie area.  The funds given through SOS and SHS have been greatly appreciated, NOMTA officer positions have been filled and meeting sessions and piano rally looks hopeful for this year.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Toney, Secretary


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