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10:00 A.M., FEBRUARY 16, 2008



Attendance:  President Katherine Tobey, President-elect Donna Toney, VP/Membership Judy McGehee, Treasurer Charles Jones, Historian Annette Larsen, Immediate Past-President Sue Steck-Turner, Convention Co-Chair Martha Bordelon, VP/Certification Linda Manes, Convention Host Ross Smith, Convention Program/Bulletin Editor Janet Colbert, and Secretary Robin Ebeyer.

The meeting was called to order by President Tobey, and the roll taken by signature.  The agenda was emailed to each member the previous week and all brought a copy.  All agreed to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting.  President Tobey reported that the recommended convention hotel is very agreeable and hospitable, with many amenities, such as breakfast included, pool, exercise room, and nice rooms. 

President Tobey directed the discussion to website advertising, stating that LMTA needs to increase advertising.  She proposed the following:

·                    $200 – Full page ad in Convention Bulletin and exhibit space and banner ad on website

·                    $100 – Half page ad in Convention Bulletin and exhibit space and banner ad on website

·                    $60 – Half page ad in Convention Bulletin and exhibit space or link on website

·                    $35 – Quarter page ad in Convention Bulletin and link on website

·                    Outside back cover of Convention Bulletin – reserved for host institution – no charge

·                    $125 – Inside front cover of Convention Bulletin

·                    $225 – Inside front cover and Corporate Sponsorship

After discussion, Martha Bordelon made a motion to accept President Tobey’s proposal for ads.  Judy McGehee seconded.  All in attendance were in favor.

President Tobey shared that, in the past, universities who have requested a list of our members have only been given this information when they have given the specific reason for using the list and have been considered on a case-by-case basis.  Discussion took place.  Judy McGehee made the motion that LMTA share our membership list with all universities at any time.  Ross Smith seconded.  All in attendance were in favor.  The membership list will be used by universities to inform our members of scholarship information and other events and services the university would consider beneficial to us.

MTNA Conference attendance by LMTA Board Members was the next topic of discussion.  As it stands right now, the President and President-Elect are assisted with the fees associated with attendance.  There are other Board Members who, if able to attend, would bring significant information to our organization.  Discussion took place pertaining to assisting these Board Members with registration fees.  Donna Toney made the motion that LMTA pay the registration fee for the 2008 MTNA Conference, including Pedagogy Saturday, for the IMTF Chair Patti Misita.  Charles Jones seconded, and all in attendance were in favor.  Sue Steck-Turner made the motion that the LMTA Executive Committee have the option to offer reimbursement for MTNA Conference registration to additional officers on a case-by-case basis.  Ross Smith seconded.  All in attendance were in favor.

The financial report was given by Treasurer Charles Jones.  The Iberia Bank account in Ruston has been closed, and a new LMTA account opened at People State Bank in Natchitoches where all LMTA funds are now located.  Our balance is $32,405.49, $3,914.50 of which belongs to the SHS Fund.

Discussion about convention bulletin costs lead to a discussion on whether or not to print the membership list in the Convention Bulletin.  Judy McGehee made the motion to print the membership list in the bulletin, as well as a list of teachers who are state and/or nationally certified.  Linda Manes seconded, and all in attendance were in favor.

Convention arrangements were discussed next.  The Holiday Inn Express will be the convention hotel and 50 rooms have been reserved, including handicap rooms.  Holiday Inn will also accommodate our Executive Committee meeting and the entire Board meeting on Wednesday night, as well as the meal, which will be catered.  The banquet will take place at “6301” at $30/each.  Ross will make arrangements with Centenary food services for the Thursday lunch for committee meetings and the Friday boxed lunch session.  The deadline for convention registration will be contingent on the deadline for food counts.  A request was made that the local store who will exhibit at convention have a sufficient quantity of Melody Bober’s and Carolyn Setliff’s music for sale.

Donna Toney gave all present a proposal for LTMA convention sessions.  Discussion took place as to specific topics for Melody Bober and Carolyn Setliff, as well as the other presenters.

President Tobey announced that Joni Jenson will take over the College Faculty Forum Chairmanship when Vickie Johnson leaves Louisiana at the end of this semester.  Discussion took place about Joni possibly presenting a “Hot Topics” session at convention.

President Tobey directed the discussion to our summer meeting.  Katherine would like the Executive Committee to consider the possibility of having a retreat, with the entire Board joining us the next day.  Since our financial situation is good, LMTA could help subsidize this, with each officer only responsible for $25/each at the most.  It would include dinner, lodging, breakfast, and lunch.  July 11-12 was decided as the date.  Robin Ebeyer and Linda Manes agreed to pursue known retreat centers for availability.

Discussion on Foundation activities ensued next.  Local teachers were encouraged to really support the Play-a-Thon during the coming convention.  If the location is too far away for teachers/students, teachers were encouraged to do their own Play-a-Thons the week before to contribute to the cause.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Ebeyer, Secretary


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