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The Louisiana Music Teachers Association established the LMTA Keyboard Olympics in 2019 under the leadership of President Pamela Pike (2017-19). Constructed similarly to the LMTA Rally Syllabus, the Olympics Syllabus provides a sequential curriculum to guide teachers and students in the study of the creative and improvisatory genres of music. Special gratitude is extended to the creators of the LMTA Keyboard Olympics: Chairperson Patti Misita, Carla Breaux, David Easley, Dr. Pamela Pike, and Sue Steck-Turner.


Contact Pamela Pike, NCTM  (225) 751-1946 pdpike@lsu.edu


Registration Form

All students must submit a registration form at least four (4) weeks prior to the initial testing date. A testing fee of $50 will be paid through PayPal at the time of registration.

Testing Form

The testing form must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the selected testing date. No additional fees are required within the selected level.

Form for Retesting

Students who wish to retest one or more components must submit a retesting form at least three (3) weeks prior to the selected testing date. An additional fee of $10 per component will be paid through PayPal at the time of registration.


ADJUDICATION SHEETS will be emailed to teachers within 48 hours of testing, with the exception of Composition sheets, which will be mailed 48 hours after the next testing date.

AWARDS will be mailed directly to teachers by April 25th of each year for student recognition in spring recitals. Testing of all components must be completed by March 31st to be included in the April mailing.

February 22
March 28
May 16
July 18
September 26
October - TBA
November 14


Keyboard Olympics Syllabus

Appendix A: Testing Procedures

  1. Suggestions/pictures for studio setup
  2. Sample adjudication sheets
  1. Realization of all chords and progressions by level
  2. Blues scales
  1. Accompaniment styles
  2. Lead Sheets by level
  1. Playbacks, Levels Prep - 6, written and recorded examples
  2. Chords & Progressions, Levels 3 - 6
  1. Sample tests by level
  2. Accompaniment styles (see Appendix C)
  1. Rhythm/Chord charts for Levels Prep - 6
  2. Recorded Accompaniments Levels Prep - 2
  1. Written and recorded samples Levels Prep - 2
The resource list provides teachers with suggested supplemental materials, method books and websites for teaching the Keyboard Olympics Curriculum.



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